Peoples clash with police in Mohali

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Angry protestors hurled stones and clashed with police outside the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium on Monday within the run up to Wednesday’s Pak-India Cricket World Cup semi-final.

Baton-wielding police and security forces on horseback tried to ward off an estimated one,000-strong crowd as a protest outside the stadium turned ugly.

Witness said seven individuals were arrested and brought away during a police van. Injured men were lying on the grounds once they tried to flee the police action whereas girls wearing ancient salwar kameez suits were seen running for canopy.

A heavy security presence has surrounded the thirty,000 seat stadium ever since the 2 neighboring countries came upon the hotly anticipated showdown last week.

Local police told the protest was unconnected to the shortage of tickets that has angered fans in many Indian cities over the past 5 weeks.

Last month’s violence in Bangalore erupted once tens of thousands of fans who had camped overnight outside the38,400-seat M Chinnaswamy Stadium were told all seven,000 tickets allotted for public sale for the Feb. twenty seven India v England game had been sold.

Police additionally used batons to manage the angry fans on that occasion and similar scenes were witnessed in Nagpur on March eight within the lead up to India’s cluster match with South Africa.

Ticket sales for the Feb. 19-April a pair of tournament have proven to be a serious headache for Indian organizers, who are unable to satisfy demand for the high-profile matches, particularly those that includes the house team additionally because the April a pair of final in Mumbai’s Winched Stadium.

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