The Romantics: Good girl gone bad

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Katie Holmes, teen-queen-turned-style-icon and one half TomKat, is healthier known for her marital highs and lows than her acting chops. it’s for this reason, perhaps, that she has recently tried to recast herself as a ‘serious’ actress — with a number one role within the miniseries “The Kennedys” and because the star of The Romantics.

I haven’t seen “The Kennedys,” however I’m hoping it’ll have additional depth than The Romantics — that tries to echo Blue Valentine’s pathos however finishes up falling flat. The Romantics wasn’t an advertisement success either, grossing a mere $103,280 at the box workplace.

The movie centres on a love triangle involving 3 friends: Laura, played by Holmes, Tom, played by Josh Duhamel and Lila, played by Anna Paquin. Laura and Tom used to be some, however their fierce passion couldn’t translate into a practical relationship, and that they broke up years ago. Laura, who is additionally Lila’s bridesmaid, arrives at Tom and Lila’s wedding determined to would like the couple well, however seeing Tom stirs up recent feelings and, well, she modifies her mind. What follows is often shallow angsty fare — Laura agonises over her call, is unwilling to harm Lila, sleeps with Tom anyway, and then tries to create the total issue appear as if Lila’s fault. I’ll leave it to you to seek out out who finishes up with whom.

There are lots of highly watchable movies created with an equivalent basic premise — My Best Friend’s Wedding immediately involves mind — thus it’s stunning that seasoned director Galt Niederhoffer couldn’t inject enough oomph into The Romantics.

Part of the flaw lies within the movie’s plot and pacing. The film trudges along too slowly, and it’s rather far-fetched to imagine that Lila would enable Tom’s ex to function her bridesmaid — particularly when it’s implied that Lila is aware of the 2 are still interested in one another. Tom’s role during this whole farce is additionally left largely unexamined; it’s puzzling that the 2 ladies blamed the total affair on one another when it absolutely was quite obvious to me that philandering Tom was the weak link within the equation.

Plot aside, the acting should take its share of the blame. The
Romantic’s characters are poorly developed and picket. Holmes has mistakenly tried to invoke Laura’s emotional turmoil by perpetually pasting an ‘I’m-so-oppressed-feel-sorry-for-me’ look on her face, that sucks all the animation out of her expressions. Tom, who I’m guessing was meant to be a tortured artist torn between 2 loves, comes off wanting sort of a foolish, impulsive very little boy.

A whole host of different quality actors like Adam Brody, Elijah Wood, and Candice Bergen spherical out the ensemble forged, however their performances too are tainted by Holmes’ morose pantomime — and that they are every concerning as spirited as false plants.

If you wish to envision Katie Holmes in action, then, I’d say you wait to observe “The Kennedys” — though I worry that Holmes’ Jackie O are simply as cool and distant as her flip as Laura within the Romantics.

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