Senators demand for resolving young doctors’ issues

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Senators from either side of aisle on Saturday expressed concern over the strike of young doctors leading to issues for the individuals, demanding of the govt to handle the problem by accepting their real demands.

They said that around dozen patients have lost their lives throughout the strike and therefore the issue is being aggravated day by day.

However, Leader of the House Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said that health could be a provincial subject when eighteenth modification and therefore the provincial governments ought to examine the problem.

As way because the federation is bothered, secretary health is negotiating with the protesting doctors adding that the problem would be resolved soon.

He said that the Implementation Commission on eighteenth modification has created a separate division for Islamabad capital territory to appear when the affairs of varied departments.

Nayyar Bukhari said that the govt would welcome the suggestions of Senate body on Health and different members to resolve the problem.

Earlier, speaking on a degree of order, Senator Prof. Khurshid Ahmad said that young doctors’ strike has become a sophisticated issue and therefore the patients are losing their lives attributable to non-availability of doctors within the hospitals.

Prof. Khurshid said that the govt has imposed fifteen per cent surcharge on totally different commodities through an ordinance, adding that it might additional create the lifetime of the poor individuals miserable.

He said company sectors as well as insurance and oil firms and banks were exempted from this surcharge that’s unjust with common and poor individuals.

Senator Kalsoon Parveen said administration is making hurdles in settlement of the Doctors’ issue and a minimum of fourteen individuals had passed on to the great beyond due the strike.

She said that around seventy per cent demands of young doctors were real and therefore the government ought to settle for those.

She conjointly demanded of the govt to produce necessary equipments to Shaikh Zayyad Hospital Quetta because it caters demand of eight districts of Balochistan.

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